Team & Advisors

The Producers Trust team has united a cast of extraordinary individuals with expertise ranging from agricultural value chains and post-harvest infrastructure to effective storytelling and innovative technology.
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Management Team

  • Keith Agoada

    Keith Agoada

    Keith has worked on the supply side of the agricultural industry for the past decade and is the founder of Sky Vegetables. Keith's passion for supporting producers is the initial inspiration behind Producers Trust.
  • Daniel Martin

    Daniel Martin

    Daniel has spent his career in finance, operations and business development throughout the U.S. and Latin America, most recently as a partner of a value-added fruit processing facility in Guatemala.
  • Gabriel Morgan

    Gabriel Morgan

    Gabriel is a seasoned technologist with more than 25 years of experience, was most recently at Starbucks Corporation, where he was chief architect for the brand’s digital, retail, omnichannel, and customer-facing systems. Prior to that, he was chief architect at REI (Recreation Equipment Incorporated) and director of enterprise architecture at Microsoft Corporation with specific areas of focus on Xbox and online services.
  • Max Cooper

    Max Cooper

    Chief of Staff
    Max has spent his career developing and managing organic agriculture educational programs for college students. Max is an early stage cryptocurrency investor and enthusiast who provides valuable market insight for the Producers ecosystem.
  • Jeff Silver

    Jeff Silver

    Finance Advisor
    Jeff has nearly 30 years of corporate finance, investment banking, merchant banking, consulting, and executive management experience. Jeff is the Managing Partner of Ridgeline Partners.
  • Alex Karzag

    Alex Karzag

    Head of Product
    Alex has been working in project and product management with virtual technology teams for over a decade. His work in telecom, legal, media and consulting has brought him from San Francisco to NYC to Europe to Mexico, where he now resides with his family.
  • Lukas Sommer

    Lukas Sommer

    Head of Engineering
    Lukas is a full stack engineer, building digital products for as long as he can remember. He successfully co-founded and launched NuMundo, a global network of sustainable impact centers.
  • Erika Logie

    Erika Logie

    UI/UX Manager
    Erika has 12+ years of experience as a UX and UI Designer, and focuses on projects that create positive change for people and planet. Past design projects include Yellow Seed, a conscious trade platform for cacao, and NuMundo, a travel platform.
  • Toby Israel

    Toby Israel

    Storytelling Manager
    Toby is a writer, editor and facilitator. She has filled the role of Chief Storyteller at NuMundo, and editor at Elephant Journal, among others. She is the author of a book called “Vagabondess” and the founder of Mujeres Fuertes Costa Rica. She holds a master's degree in Media & Peace Studies.
  • Christopher Robb

    Christopher Robb

    Co-Founder & Head of CPG
    Chris is a renowned brand designer and founder of New Barn, a non-dairy alternative company featuring innovative products including almond milk. He is also a partner in New Food Fund, a recently launched investment fund targeting the food industry.
  • David Green

    David Green

    Head of Producer Experience
    After a career as a mechanical engineer, David left the corporate office to work as a science technician, engineer, and educator in remote corners of the world. David co-created Michoacán Organics, helping to sell millions of dollars of organic avocados.
  • Jenny Reichert

    Jenny Reichert

    Producer Experience Manager
    Jen (aka Jenny) grew up in central Mexico and honed her bilingual abilities while living and studying in the U.S. Her experiences in food service and real estate have given her a strong appreciation for entrepreneurialism and healthy food retail.
  • Lauren Hill

    Lauren Hill

    Producer Experience Associate
    Lauren grew up between the Latin-American and European countrysides, developing a passion for environmental health, veganism and yoga mats. She studied business administration in Germany. Lauren has a clear focus on creating awareness around agricultural supply chains.
  • Lila Brandt

    Lila Brandt

    Producer Experience Associate
    Originally from Seattle, Lila has spent over six years living and working in Latin America and the Caribbean. She brings hands-on experience from nearly every stage of the agriculture supply chain, from living and working on a permaculture farm to launching and managing food systems for a boutique hotel.
  • Brigitte Desvaux

    Brigitte Desvaux

    Producer Experience Associate
    Brigitte is a French-American who discovered her passion for regenerative agriculture while working abroad in Panama. With a major in Sustainable Design Studies from Boston Architectural College, she strayed from the conventional careers that came with her degree, and applied her knowledge to food systems. She believes collaboration is the key to success.
  • Eddy Hueso

    Eddy Hueso

    Product Design and Strategy Consultant
    Eddy has been building digital technologies since he was a child, from software used to produce the visual effects in Star Wars to mobile applications to help manage the sustainable forests of Guatemala.
  • Anton Oussik

    Anton Oussik

    DevOps / SysOps
    Anton is a UK/Germany based developer who has decades of experience in software engineering, coming from financial and educational sectors.
    • Franz Gatzke

      Franz Gatzke

      Lead Full-Stack Engineer
      Franz worked in multiple startups leading full-stack development for scientific research software solutions and platforms for supporting alternative and ecological communities. He is also founding a network of communities merging Permaculture and hacker culture. His 10 years experience in full-stack Javascript development creates solid, reliable software.
      • Jörg Steiner

        Jörg Steiner

        Full-Stack Engineer
        Full-stack-developer since 1995, cross platform desktop application development and opensource user and contributor. Worked in various industries as developer and advisor. Has strong opinions about privacy, freedom and respect for diverse lifeforms.
        • Rene Flores

          Rene Flores

          Back-End Engineer
          Java developer who has been on the software development road for more than 10 years and counting.
        • Taylor Allen

          Taylor Allen

          Front-End Engineer
          Originally from Dallas, Texas, Taylor has a food hospitality background and loves to cook and learn more about where our food comes from. He resides in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where he enjoys hiking and camping in the surrounding area. He is passionate about learning new technologies and inspired by creative environments.
        • Rodolfo Barreda

          Rodolfo Barreda

          LATAM Business Development Manager
          Rodolfo's passion is to help develop ventures focused on organic, sustainable food with a positive impact on local communities. He has lived and worked in several countries in Latin America, the U.S. and Australia.
          • Noni Garg

            Noni Garg

            MENA Business Development Manager
            Seasoned Banker with trade finance expertise across UK, India and Africa previously worked at leading global institutions like Citibank, Standard Chartered and American Express Bank.
          • Rani Vasireddy

            Rani Vasireddy

            India Business Development Manager
            Rani worked as a consultant for BIG 5 companies such as IBM, PricewaterHouseCoopers, and SAP America as a Bussiness Analyst of supply chain management for CPG clients like Nestle, Kraft, and Shell. After retiring, Rani started a non-profit organization known as Green Aum Foundation in India, which is actively promoting afforestation, organic products and herbal remedies from the tribal area of Andhra Pradesh.
            • Kwasi Akyeampong

              Kwasi Akyeampong

              Head of West Africa
              Kwasi has spent over 10 years working with Credit Suisse Bank in London. He has served in various roles within Wealth Management for Global Markets. Before joining Credit Suisse, Kwasi worked for Morgan Stanley as the Global Head of Commodities Trading and Sales Technology. Over the course of his career, he has held a variety of senior roles within the investment banking industry, with experience in leading teams globally working on a variety of technology offerings.
            • Selma Abualia

              Selma Abualia

              Entrepreneur In Residence
              Selma is an award-winning chef (Top Chef MENA 2012) turned agri-food tech enthusiast who is passionate about building impactful solutions to big problems in the food industry. With a decade of experience leading projects in the global hospitality industry, the shift in opportunity to agri-food tech led is now her main focus in the UAE. Prior to joining Producers Trust, Selma was a project manager at Madar Farms.
            • Megan Pelham

              Megan Pelham

              StoryBird Project Manager
              Megan spent her early career in Panama learning to wear all types of entrepreneurial hats. She has taken that versatility and her passion for efficient systems to Phoenix, AZ, where she has spent the last few years working as an Operations Consultant.
            • Azul Lucero

              Azul Lucero

              Content Coordinator
              Azul has been with our team from the moment the hummingbird planted the project's seed. Today, she focuses on coordinating content creation and social media.
            • Pabliu Lucero

              Pabliu Lucero

              Content Associate
              Pabliu Lucero is a full-time visual artist, who has been working with Producers Market since July 2017. Pabliu is dedicated to creating digital content and audio visual communication.
              • Blue Lolan

                Blue Lolan

                Content Associate
                I am a creative and animal rescuer from Los Angeles, and a community manager for Producers Market.
                • David Serrachiani

                  David Serrachiani

                  Content Associate
                  David is a graphic designer and illustrator who is passionate about art.
                • Mariana Rivas

                  Mariana Rivas

                  Content Associate
                  Mariana is a community manager at Producers Market who is in love with food and rediscovering it's power to connect us together.
                  • Amy Schmidt

                    Amy Schmidt

                    Content Associate
                    Amy, a former nonprofit executive, now resides in Costa Rica where she enjoys outdoor activities and online work, and integrates her passions for gender equality, social and environmental justice, and love of literature. She holds a master’s degree in Media, Peace, and Conflict Studies.

                  Strategic Advisors

                  • Craig Cogut

                    Craig Cogut

                    Senior Advisor
                    Founder, Chairman and CEO of Pegasus Capital Advisors, L.P.; previously original partner at Apollo Advisors L.P.
                  • Rosa Sangiorgio

                    Rosa Sangiorgio

                    Impact advisor
                    Rosa is an independent impact investing advisor with 22 years of experience. She was the Head of Sustainability and Impact Investing for the Credit Suisse Investment Management team. Rosa is a CEFA charterholder and TEDx speaker.
                  • Youssef Sneifer

                    Youssef Sneifer

                    Technology Advisor
                    Advisor on procurement, IT and supply chain, with a special focus on commerce and payment services
                  • Gagan (Jared Levy)

                    Gagan (Jared Levy)

                    Brand & Media Advisor
                    Founder and CEO at Guru; Chief Evanglist at Maha Global; Former Co-chair of Social Venture Circle
                  • Ted Goldthorpe

                    Ted Goldthorpe

                    Senior Advisor
                    Partner and Head of BC Partners Credit; previously President at Apollo Investment Corporation
                  • Daniela Herrmann

                    Daniela Herrmann

                    Sustainability Strategic Advisor
                    An entrepreneur with over 22 years of experience, Daniela is the founder of Topan AG, a Swiss-based, holistic, Triple-E® Business and Investment Advisory Boutique for long-term scaling through business and financial co-stewardship.
                  • Randy Cancellieri

                    Randy Cancellieri

                    Logistics and Supply Chain Advisor
                    Randy is a General Partner at Veg Fresh Farms. Veg Fresh Farms is a leader in fresh produce packing and distribution in the western United States. He is also the founder of both R.C. Trucking and RDL Express.
                  • Leonel Chavez

                    Leonel Chavez

                    Regenerative Agriculture Advisor
                    Leonel is a pioneering organic avocado farmer from Michoacan, Mexico, and has been pushing the envelope on organic and biodynamic growing practices for over 15 years.