Program Director, India

Location: Guntur, India

Terms: Full-time independent contract position. Engagement can be terminated by either party with 14 days written notice.

Schedule: Flexibility to choose your working hours. This role is required to have at least 10 hours of availability per week in the evening/morning to coincide with the US Eastern time zone for global team related communications.

Responsibilities may also require that you coordinate your availability with customer, partner, and client working hours.

About the role: The Program Director, India role is a leadership position which is tasked with developing and implementing a strategy and program for the scaled data registration of small farmers and the aggregated supply chain and trade network for international distribution. The intention is to facilitate onboarding of farmer and FPO profiles to Producers Market, bulk sales of outputs, consumer certifications, carbon MRV, and packing into the Producers consumer goods brand for domestic and international distribution.


  • Business plan development for Producers Link in India including the integrations for Producers Market, StoryBird and Producers CPG brand.
  • Implementation of an aggregation and commercialization strategy for raw material outputs of small farmer FPO stakeholders in the Andhra Pradesh region in partnership with Attalaru Organics, CSA, and other groups with crop focus on coffee, black pepper, ginger, turmeric, paddy, millet, pulses.
  • Act as liaison between our partner, RySS, their team, and Producers Trust’s corporate goals.
  • Leading in the certification of farmers and outputs including but not limited to organic, fair trade and Regenerative Organic.
  • Implementing partnerships with third party packers/processors/added-value infrastructure providers to aggregate and commercialize small farmer outputs.
  • Developing a quality control mechanism to assure the marketability of small farmer outputs in the region.
  • Implementation of the pilot digital MRV (measure, report, validate) in partnership with Kovel and RySS for small farmer outputs using the Producers application model in order to bring to market carbon impact claims and credits.
  • Organizing the retail packing of small farmer outputs into branded Producers label for distribution domestically and internationally.
  • Organizing the bulk packing of small farmer outputs into wholesale formats for distribution within India and internationally.

Candidate requirements:

  • Fluency in English and Telugu
  • 10+ years experience working with small farmers in Andhra Pradesh, India on capacity building and commercialization activities
  • 5+ years experience managing teams of 5+ individuals in-office and in-field settings
  • Strong collaborative and communication skills
  • Self-motivated with experience working independently and remotely
  • Ability to learn about the Producers Trust corporate strategy and technology solutions
  • Ability to implement a certification process on agricultural outputs