We are Producers Trust.

Building a future in which we trade with trust, and consume with confidence.
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Producers Trust is pioneering a digital model for food systems change.

  • 1. Build Capacity
    1. Build Capacity
  • 2. Aggregate
    2. Aggregate
  • 3. Data Verify
    3. Data Verify
  • 4. Commercialize
    4. Commercialize

We are connecting the market demand for impact verified, ecological products to incentivize a scaled transition to climate smart agriculture at the source.

Collaboration across supply chain stakeholders on the Producers Trust network enables us to reach and verify millions of small farmers to then elevate the value of their harvests by connecting them more directly to distributors, retailers, brands and ultimately the end consumer.

Producers Trust is a structural evolution in the way we produce, consume and connect.

Producers Trust believes in the transformative power of people to make our food system thrive.

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Our Projects

Producers Trust is the parent vehicle for all our ventures, projects, and value chains–a shared equity platform in service to the farmers and producers that make up our value chain system.
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    Market linkage platform bringing together producers and buyers in one global community of shared value partnerships and direct transactions.
  • Project StoryBird Image
    Project StoryBird Logo
    Software application fostering brand transparency, trust and equity by bringing sourcing stories directly to consumers.
  • Project Producers Stories Image
    Project StoryBird Logo
    Multimedia platform engaging consumers with verified storytelling from our team, our producers, and our brand partners.
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    Guiding technology, marketing, and finance to enable visionary development projects in regenerative and sustainable agriculture.
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