Producers Link

Producers Trust works with governments, multinational non-profits, operators, and leading global brands to develop post-harvest digital infrastructure and strategies for food security, producer empowerment, and direct sustainable procurement.
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Our Consulting Services

  • Digital Infrastructure
    Digital Infrastructure
    Building an efficient real-time data capture and market connectivity model through directory registration, inventory management, and traceability.
  • Physical Infrastructure
    Physical Infrastructure
    Supporting producers through digital and physical strategies that align investment to existing and new infrastructure and aggregation partners.
  • Market Linkage Partnerships
    Market Linkage Partnerships
    Facilitating downstream buyer partnerships for future output sales to regional, national and international markets.
  • Post-Harvest Tech Capacity Building
    Post-Harvest Tech Capacity Building
    Working with field agent groups, cooperatives, and other non-profit associations to provide field training on our digital toolkit.